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Cross Creek Red Devons LLC

About Us

Looking to have a few cows, we wanted to get involved with something unique and different for out part of the country. Grass fed, grass finished beef was that niche we were looking for. The Red Devons while basically unknown to most breeders here in the Ozarks, incorporated the characteristics we were looking for; Docile, ease of calving, tolerance to fescue, disease resistance, climate tolerance, adaptability, and long productive life span.

We started with 25 cows with wide and diverse pedigrees, most either ET, or AI sired by bulls such as; Lakota Guardsman, Kinloch’s Albion, Barnestaple Hassler, Noyl Boy, Bayou Boy Sr.,Lenoir Red Sunset, Spas Jake , Lakota S65, Vista Knoll, Top Cat, and several Rotokawa sires, including Rotokawa 688 and other great bulls.

Since then our hobby farm, has turned into a hobby project, we currently have over 200 registered and pure bred Red Devons, standing on 1100 acres, knee deep in a variety of lush green grass. We also have 25 acres of alfalfa that we primarily feed, when we fence wean calves.

In 2016 we decided to expand our gene pool even further by AI rather than natural service, and used Semen from 12 proven sires, that are currently not in our gene pool. While we have not had an issue with fescue, in 2016 we started systematically replacing the fescue pastures, with a mixture of; hulled orchard grass, fungus free Kentucky 31 fescue, perennial rye grass and timothy.

Our goal is to be a good steward of the land, practice rotational grazing, offer high quality hormone free natural grass fed/grass finished beef to the end user and become a valued source for premium replacement heifers and bulls.

We love to talk about grass farming, Red Devons, and the big impact cross breeding with Red Devons can add to your commercial herd. We love showing our farm and cattle, give us a call and set a time to come by for a visit.


~ Garland Pierce ~