Cross Creek Red Devon Cattle for Sale

Cross Creek Red Devon Cattle for Sale

Cross Creek Red Devon Cattle for Sale
Cross Creek Red Devon Cattle for Sale

Cross Creek Red Devon Cattle for Sale

Red Devon Bulls, Cows and Heifers are known for their heritage and the quality of the meat that they can produce. This original breed was brought into America in the 1600s from Devonshire in England. Cross Creek Red Devons LLC has continued to breed these animals with pride under natural grass fed conditions.
Great news!  We have Red Devon Cattle for Sale!

Cross Creek Red Devon professionally raises these Red Devon cattle and we make them available to other breeders for use or for private sale in the meat market. With our own in-house breeding program we are extremely proud of the animals that we are able to cultivate at our location. The Red Devon cattle we breed are great for performing a variety of conditions, they are docile and easy to work with and just a pleasure to have on the farm.

From our experience at the Meat market, our Red Devon steers most commonly showcased excellent marbling because of our careful grass-fed conditions and many of our top animals have reached over 1100 pounds before they were slaughtered.

Cross Creek Red Devon maintains every aspect of the feeding and care process and each one of our Red Devon cattle is grass finished and grass fed with no GMO’s, animal by-products or any type of hormone therapy involved. At our location we also utilize a state-of-the-art pasture systems for rotational grazing. Our staff handle all of the upkeep for these pastures and ensure that the cattle we have on hand are only eating the best.

We remain extremely proud to be the handlers and breeders of one of the oldest beef breeds available in the United States today. From our ranch in the Ozarks we are proud of the strides we have made starting with just 25 cows and now we regularly have hundreds of cattle available for sale at most times of the year.

If you are interested in our Red Devon cattle for sale, please contact Cross Creek Red Devon today and feel free to check out our list of active livestock regularly for our updated asking prices and inventory.

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Red Devon cattle for sale

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